Panel Data Analysis Using Stata

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Septiembre 25 y 26, 2017


Houston, USA

If you have repeated observations of voters, countries, companies, or other units of interest that vary over time, you have panel data. Variation over time gives us more insight than a cross-section, which only provides a snapshot at one moment in time. With panel data we can model the heterogeneity of our unit of interest and how it changes over time. In this course we will learn how to analyze panel data using Stata. As such, the course will discuss the theory of panel data and at the same time illustrate how to use panel data estimators. We will cover linear and non-linear panel data models, which are a natural extension from their cross-sectional counterparts. We will also discuss dynamic panel-data estimators that explicitly model the dynamic structure of panel data, the variation of the individuals or other units of interest, over time.

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